About Us


Sue, Founder of Nature 2 Natural, wants everyone to fall in love with bamboo as much as she has! 


Nature 2 Natural’s goal is to introduce reasonably priced bamboo and other natural products to as many people as possible, once you make the change you won’t ever go back, and that’s a guarantee! 


Our e-store based in South Australia, has a selection of the highest quality bamboo bedding including sheets, blankets and quilt covers and bathroom items such as towels, luxuriously soft robes, bath accessories and more. 


Sue had worked as a Finance Manager for majority of her life but decided to take a career change and start an online business, something she had always wanted to do! It was an easy decision for her to sell bamboo homewares! She had been using bamboo sheets for about 10 years and wanted everyone else to experience these amazing products for themselves. 


Bamboo sheets are what makes her go to sleep each night feeling so comfortable and cozy; how could you not when you are snuggling up to the softest sheets possible. Bamboo sheets have made her sleep better, her hair stay intact and wake up with fresh skin!


Also, with the demand increasing for environmentally sustainable textiles, as a company, Nature 2 Natural saw the opportunity to sell bamboo products as they are safer for the planet and beneficial for the entire family. 


Nature 2 Natural will continue to search for the highest quality bamboo products, that are better for you, your family and the environment. We are passionate about providing you with luxe products at competitive prices with the promise you will fall in love with bamboo! 


At Nature 2 Natural, we know you will love bamboo as much as we do, that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.